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By: PWC Surveyors

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As you would expect, in order to comply with the UK Government’s guidance regarding the need for ‘social distancing’ during the Covid-19 pandemic, our office has been closed and all of us at P Wilson and Company are now working from home.

For the time being, therefore, please note the following:

• Telephone calls to the office are being diverted to a receptionist. However, if you know the person to whom you wish to speak, you can always contact them direct on the following mobile numbers:

Paul Wilson 07971 425611
Simon Mair 07971 425582
Andrew Coney 07974 017378
Nicola Vose 07775 790709
Robert Harrison 07971 102292
Edward Gammell 07971 666986
Chris Cowey 07940 264547
Luke Banks 07940 264562
Daniel Perch 07940 264548

• In the case of emails, should the person whom you are trying to contact be unwell, or ‘on furlough’ you will receive an ‘out of office’ reply containing the address to which you should resend.

• To minimise the risk of contagion, wherever possible please send correspondence and related documents by email, rather than in the mail.

• Where payments are due, we would be grateful if they could be made via BACS (online banking), rather than by cheques in the post. Bank details will be provided on request.

• In the absence of face-to-face meetings, we are happy to engage via video links (such as Face Time and WhatsApp) or arrange video conferences (such as Zoom).

• Where site visits, property inspections etc., are deemed essential, bespoke arrangements will need to be made beforehand to ensure that compliance with ‘social distancing’ and other relevant guidance can be achieved.

Stay at Home Protect the NHS Save Lives